Global Business Brokers

We specialize in sales from small and middle-market transactions, to large businesses, factories, land projects and private equity holdings on a global scale.

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Global Business Brokers are full service Business Brokers, referred to as ‘Intermediaries’ in buying, selling and valuing businesses, property, land projects, and facilitating private equity transactions. In essence we match the buyer with the seller.

The gulf between small and large business transactions is great, so buyers and sellers need to be handled by experts in their field. We are able to facilitate buyers and sellers with confidentiality, all legal documentation and due process in a continually informed manner. After valuation, we are able to immediately target qualified buyers and investors using our extensive existing registered client base.

Selling a Business

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The Valuation Process

Our clientele do not have to waste their valuable time on multiple search engines that invariably results in dealing with non-qualified buyers, or sellers that do not have the correct valuation of their assets.

We are simply our client’s personal search engine, bringing the right people together across the globe to do business in a swift, confidential and efficient manner.