Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking Price:

$750,000 (USD)

Sales Revenue:

Under $500K (USD)

Cash Flow:

Under $250K (USD)


“Owner of Sunpax®, a portable furniture manufacturing company is looking for a buyer interested in acquiring 70% ownership of the company for $750,000 (USD).

Sunpax® products are a unique line of portable leisure products including hammocks, cooler/seats, lounge chairs and sand chairs.

The company is presently not in operation. The company manufactured and sold Sunpax® products to the Canada/USA premium incentive market through a network of manufacturer reps.

The current business plan is to have manufacturing facilities in Mexico producing the material. The business operations will be in Canada and the USA set up to market and distribute the SUNPAX® products in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Events such as 2018 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup- Bahamas; 2018 World Beach Games- San Diego CA; 2018 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships- USA; 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea; 2018 World Cup – Russia; etc. will promise a lot of premium/ incentive business opportunities.

The Sunpax® brand is an excellent product line for the premium/incentive market because of the high quality, easy to imprint logo and broad consumer appeal factor.

As well, a business plan for the Sunpax® brand name and product line will be set up to focus on the “sharing” economy.

Based on business models like Uber, Airbnb, Car2Go, Mobi (bike sharing), BikeShareToronto, DogParker etc., with the use of a smartphone, a Sunpax® app and a specific major beach location, the customer will be able to rent a portable:
• lounge chair w/ umbrella
• hammock w/ umbrella
• cooler/seat w umbrella
• sand chair w/ umbrella.”


Business Operation

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Other Information

Business closed / Asset sale:


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