Alliance Program

As a professional intermediary offering advice to small and medium size businesses, buyers and sellers, we understand that for both parties this is one of the most important decisions that they will make during their lifetime. For us, this is an opportunity to provide valuable advice and assistance when most needed. We act as a source of guidance when looking to buy or sell businesses, assets or equities.

GBB offers the ability to capitalize on opportunities while keeping the process simple and effective. We have carefully honed our processes over many years of professional practice and offer you the ability to partner with us and use our proven resources and processes.

Selling or buying a business can be stressful, however, it can also be rewarding. Business owners invest time, money and energy in creating something of value to a potential buyer. As a team we carefully plan each phase of the process to ensure that both parties are satisfied and secure in every aspect of any transaction. This can be a complex procedure especially in cross-border transactions but with our global alliances we ensure nothing is left to chance and create a diligent process that is transparent and successful.

Your client(s) has invested far too much money, time and energy in this special endeavour to leave a profitable sale to chance. This complex process should be carefully planned and managed by a team of experienced professionals, a team who understands every phase and nuance of the process and will work diligently to ensure that you are properly rewarded.

Many business owners do not like the thought of having to pay a broker tens of thousands of dollars to sell their company. At GBB, we understand this and would like to partner with you and offer your clients a proven method to sell their business while reducing transaction fees by as much as 70%. With our program, we partner with you and your client and share the responsibilities with you, and as a result, offer your client the ability to save thousands of dollars and also offer you the ability to generate substantial fees as an added benefit without encumbering your client.

There are 2 main objectives for an agent, strengthen your client relationships and increase your income. We keep this at the forefront of our process and team with you to sell your client’s business in the shortest time possible while looking for the best price.

Contact us today for complete information regarding our Alliance Program, please be ensure to give us your company details and your history as an agent.