What We Do

GBB provides a wide variety of P2P, B2P, B2B and asset and equity transfer services to a diverse group of corporations, investors, business buyers, sellers and entrepreneurs.

We offer advisory services and facilitate trades upon the advice of our clients.  We are a Business Broker not a bank or high street brokerage and therefore do not handle clients funds, we use fiduciary/escrow services to ensure both parties in any transaction fulfill their legal financial obligations in the global marketplace.

Our relationships with various stock exchanges in the US and abroad provide us with equity avenues that are desired by investors who do not have or desire direct access to the market and who are not interested in the day to day dealings with brokerage firms, encumbered by their commissions.

On our client base we have access to private asset providers who act as the legal entity to sell private securities off or on the market, thus giving our preferred clients a modern and unique service.

We have the legal expertise to work in many global jurisdictions and have been successful in doing so on multiple cross-border transactions. This is important as organizations operate under increasingly complex legal and regulatory bodies.

If you are not familiar or have never dealt with a Business Broker please click on this link:


GBB is proficient within many different legal areas that are required for both public and private Corporate Acquisitions, Private Placements and Acquisition Financing and Bank Asset Liquidation. This expertise includes tax law, labor law, property law, competition law and other sector familiarity.

Our remuneration is primarily performance based on a commission upon successful completion of a project. These details are available after we sign an engagement letter. In certain circumstances we can represent both parties as a dual agency where we agree a set commission individually from both sides, on other occasions we simply put people together and act as a broker for the seller, as when we find relevant qualified buyers from our database we do not always act on their behalf during the acquisition.

Each member of a team assigned to a project is chosen based upon their experience in the required field. When necessary we also look at unique outsourcing opportunities to enhance profitability and success. With our experience and knowledge we offer our effective and creative advice, project management and documentation expertize that enables us to manage what we are commissioned to do in a rapid and effective way. We achieve this whilst sustaining the highest quality of service and most importantly keeping fees to a minimum and outperforming our competition.

Are you concerned about local or overseas business or equity acquisitions where you feel generally uninformed and cautious?

Do you feel that you do not understand the true value of your business, asset or equity and so are not finding your target market?

Are you looking to enter the business world where you have no relative experience within that sector?

These are just a few things to take into account with an astute GBB advisor.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experienced team represents buyers and sellers within sectors such as the service, industrial, manufacturing, real estate, trade and mining industries to name just a few, as well as private equity and other financial players. We represent buyers and sellers in all types of corporate acquisitions and transfers.

Cross Border / Overseas

GBB are well aware that the Internet has opened the world to a variety of new and different business, asset and equity opportunities and in many cases, these opportunities cross state and global borders, involving a variety of potential obstacles and questions such as:

  • Who can buy land projects or equity in certain countries?
  • What are the applicable labor and taxation laws?
  • How do I know my finances are safe?
  • What barriers do I face in another state or country?

We are able to put our client’s minds at ease while also taking into consideration their business experience and background by providing guidance and cutting through the red tape with solid assistance and transparency to make the acquisition or sale of the business, asset or equity a simple process.

By using GBB as a Business Broker, you do not need to deal with regulated financial bodies, thereby reducing your costs. GBB is primarily performance based, so your success is our success.

Contact us and we can give you an expert opinion on the viability and vulnerabilities of any project.