Working With Us

Working with Global Business Brokers

To assign us to work on your behalf as a Business Broker that brings buyers, sellers and investors together, we initiate the relationship by sending an engagement letter. This will state our fees, services and outline the terms of our representation. Our Equity Division completes Off-Market transactions using a signed Trade Confirmation, Settlement Instructions and a subsequent Off-Market Equity Transfer Form.

Upon GBB acting as your intermediary, the next course of action is for us to create a strategy for buying or selling. Our experienced staff will work out a plan of action, so we can prepare you for what is ahead, offering straightforward advice on all phases of the process.

Our staff at GBB will customize an individual strategy. For the seller we analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses. During this process, we will help you identify what you can improve, making your company more attractive to potential buyers. We will also advise you on what action you need to take leading up to the process of selling your business. By the time we are through, you will have solid advice on everything you need, including information on pricing and what legal documents you will need to have on hand.

Our services are available whether you are ready to sell your business now or are simply preparing an exit strategy. Either way, we maintain the strictest confidentiality throughout the buying and selling of a business and also the acquisition of Equities.


Establish Valuation and Pricing

Knowing the value of what a business, asset or equity is worth is our core-value. Our combined experience ensures our middle-market team target the correct buyers and sellers while preparing our client for the market. At the lower end of the market we usually go to auction without a set price but we ensure we prepare our client for the lowest amount that a business, asset or equity is worth. For middle to high-end sales our valuations are some of the most accurate to the actual sales price in the country.


Coordinate Drafting of Confidential Selling Memorandum and Half-Profile

Next, is drafting a Selling Memorandum and a Half-Profile, these are both required before we begin the sale process. The Half-Profile is a way of maintaining confidentiality while still marketing it to potential buyers. We send it to potential buyers before moving forward with a handful of qualified buyers. It provides an overview of your business without revealing your identity before you and the potential buyer(s) sign a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement.

The Selling Memorandum is a detailed report giving all the information that a buyer requires to make a diligent decision after the Confidentiality Agreement is signed. It acts as a preemptive document that answers most standard questions that a buyer would ask, if the buyer has bought with us before then we are able to tailor this around the main queries and aspects of the previous transaction to cut the timeframe down and get the relevant parties moving forward.


Develop a Marketing Plan

Strategizing and executing a well thought out marketing plan is the key to finding suitable buyers in the marketplace. Our middle-market team works tirelessly to target through our network and database of buyers, suitable interest to take further. We create a list of strategic and financial buyers and investors.


Contact the Targets

Our middle-market team targets the best potential buyers, including corporations, private equity groups, wealthy individuals and competitors. We send them the Half-Profile to pique their interest while always taking confidentiality into consideration, as the Half-Profile does disclose the identity of your business. Afterwards, we contact the potential buyers to see if they have an interest in your business and those who do, move on execute a confidentiality agreement.


Confidentiality Agreement

No further information or details are given to any accredited buyer without a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement being signed. We are simply unable to provide a Selling Memorandum without one as it contains confidential information within.  If the buyers move on to perform due diligence, they will be reviewing your company from within, talking to individuals and reviewing documents. The Agreement is in place to protect the seller’s interests throughout the process and ensures sensitive information is not disclosed to third-parties.


Send the Selling Memorandum

Upon signing the agreement the buyer will receive the selling memorandum to peruse and decide if they want to progress further. If progress is positive the buyer simply signs a Letter of Interest and/or request a meeting with you and your management team to discuss further relative information.


Letter of Intent (LOI) Acceptance

Upon one of our qualified buyers or investors taking a committed interest in your offer we will obtain a Letter of Interest or a Letter of Intent.  Within this letter will be a price range that the potential buyer or investor is willing to pay.  A Letter of Interest is submitted after any informational meetings you may have with the buyer. Letters of Intent, in contrast to Letters of Interest, will offer a set price.


Conduct Due Diligence

The due diligence process is allowing buyers to evaluate your information and conclude that you offer what you say. At this stage a review of your financial documents and basic information gathering will take place. Speaking with key employees is also part of due diligence. During due diligence, you allow buyers into your company to confirm the information you have presented. Financials and basic operations will also be analyzed and all legal aspects that are relative to your business, asset or equity will be reviewed. At this stage we will be only be dealing with a small amount of interested parties.


Prepare the Purchase Agreement

Once we have agreed a suitable buyer, the purchase agreement will be drawn up. Clients have the option of using our services or an independent lawyer. This is the beginning of finalizing the sale of the business, asset or equity.


Move Forward With Closing

Prior to closing, you will need to work out certain terms and issues to make sure both sides are in agreement. We help you to clear up any pending problems so that you can close the sale of your business on time.


Make Post-Closing Adjustments

A few adjustments take place after closing, such as price adjustments made after an inventory is taken. During this time period, the buyer integrates the new business into the other company or begins to manage the new business on its own.


Equity Transactions

Our Equity team at certain times during a year are able to acquire off-market shares on a global scale, this can come from a private investor, banks, or investment banks that are holding positions sometimes in inventory and are looking to off-load.  Sometimes the positions held have a statue of limitation attached from the company, in the case of a bank that loaned a large corporation start-up capital and were paid in stock, after a certain period which is nearing the statue of limitation they will look to offload but not onto the open market, especially if they are holding other positions in that company, so as not to create negative fluctuations.  We are experts in acquiring these positions. They are offered to us at a set price under market value and offer them to our growing database of equity clientele.  The prospective buyer is required to sign a Trade Confirmation agreeing to the position, after settlement an Off-Market Equity Transfer Form is complete between the buyer and the seller with Electronic Certification following the filing of all the relevant documentation.