Buying a Business – Process

Complete a Confidentiality Agreement.

A Confidentiality Agreement is signed, this is legally binding to maintain confidentiality for all of the information provided to you, this can be in the form of what we discuss, review and present. The Confidentiality Agreement protects the seller and we cannot complete a transaction without it. Your information is kept confidential.

We adhere to a tried and tested process that leaves the buyer with complete and extensive knowledge of every aspect of what they are buying, in this order:

  • Complete the buyer profile and review options
  • Business summary review
  • Gather all additional and relevant information
  • Due diligence
  • Final overview of offering
  • Make the offer
  • Open Escrow account to independently handle the transaction
  • Offer closing
  • We then offer post-offer closing services in an on-going business relationship if required