Services for Sellers

GBB Value Estimate (GVE) is an estimation of the worth of what is being sold.

This encompasses everything from legal and litigation to streamlining at the higher end to provide informal valuations to ensure you are targeting the right kind of buyer with a fair valuation based upon our fact-finding.

We charge a flat fee of only $2500 that is very competitive given our team and our extensive buyer client base. Our estimates have proven to be accurate within an 8% range of our valuations.

GVE’s are crucial in helping us access our entire database and external searches we undertake on a global scale if required. However, GVE’s are also valuable for other reasons, we also provide a competition breakdown so business and asset owners can use this to compare and help forge a business plan over the coming years.


Exit Strategy

There comes the day that a business, asset or equity owner decides it is time to move on and sell. Many owners do not plan ahead for this eventuality and are often unpleasantly surprised to find it can take a long time to complete a satisfactory sale. We devise exit strategies and in conjunction with our (GVE) we also thoroughly review and provide a written business report, some sellers can use this to be implemented immediately where we search our client base to find suitable buyers, or this can be a blue-print for the future, this is at the sellers discretion.

There are several exit strategies.  Some people are not always looking to outright sell their family business to a stranger, so for moving to a relative we offer an inheritance plan.

Some sellers have asked to implement an employee stock ownership plan known as (ESPO).

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is also something that we provide our middle-man services for.

We are also experts in helping owners that are looking to move into a new marketplace, want to move the company location, even expand overseas.  Whatever the plan, we can help devise a strategy.

Our team has a diverse set of background skills and with our additional training and on-the-job experience we pick a team that has the most all-round experience to deal with the particular business or asset and marketplace in which it operates.

Our team consists of experts in their field that makes the process clear, decisive and transparent. Our goal is to ensure our exit strategy rewards our client with the highest valuation, a smooth transition and look to reduce costs and taxes.



Establishing the value of your asset is the key to finding the right solution. By ensuring that you are fully aware of the value of your business often dictates whether the business or asset is ready to be sold. This is the cross-roads between implementing our information immediately or using it to improve certain factors that will increase revenue and the value of the business or asset in the near future.

Our aim is to provide a professional customized service, while keeping your costs to a minimum. We provide a detailed report on how we go about the sale, the report will give you all the actions that are needed to execute the sale to the close and we search to find the right price. Throughout the process, confidentiality remains at the forefront of our operations.


Pre-Sale Services

Plan ahead, sometimes businesses and assets do not sell in the required timeframe. If you have a plan in place we can work with you in the long-term to monitor your progress and regularly re-assess the value and target market.


Selling Memorandum

The memorandum is a legally binding document.  Post-sale this document protects from any legal action as all information will have been presented to the buyer. In the memorandum, having already evaluated the business or asset we provide the information based upon the profile of our interested buyer(s).

This summary is an important aspect of selling your business. Your buyers need this information to make an informed choice about the purchase, so is a pivotal document in getting the process started, we put a lot of work into this phase.

At GBB, we will help you make an exit strategy, and we will be there when you want to carry it out. We want to make the whole process as easy as possible by assisting you with the following:

  • Valuation of the business or asset
  • Study to minimize current and potential liabilities
  • Due diligence readiness
  • Contact our relevant target market of buyers
  • Ensure a smooth negotiation and offer procedure
  • Enhancing Value

There are times when the estimation that we come to is below the value that the seller may expect. Our team at GBB can help increase the value of your business.

We are experienced in the market and understand per industry how to add value. We will explain the industry standards to find what improvements can be made in the short and long term for whatever product we are involved in. If the valuation is not satisfactory we provide a blue-print to increase value as quickly as possible.

If the changes needed are above the capabilities of the seller we offer our experts in fields such as finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing and commercial property to help make the weakest part of the current business module transform into revenue and a higher valuation.